Rey in the flurries

This morning I saw a little bit of snow on the ground and thought I should take some pictures. I was already planning on doing a update on Rey today, so she was the one that got to play in the snow.





Update on Rey:

She has hair! As of 2 days ago.

The only 2 things I have left to do are sew her pouch/backpack thing and make her vest/scarf ecobob.

I haven’t decided how to do the vest/scarf ecobob (thingy). Any ideas of what material to use?



About the dolls that own the universe

I am a girl who loves dolls. I enjoy playing with them, taking pictures of them, and customizing them.
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6 Responses to Rey in the flurries

  1. Clara says:

    Rey looks awesome! 😀


  2. Janie says:

    She looks so pretty!


  3. Emma (Wack-A-Doodle-Dolls) says:

    Oh wow! She’s awesome! Hm, I’m not sure what kind of fabric but probably a really light and almost see through fabric.:D


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